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Who We Are

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority.

For over 10 years, Pro Omnis has provided professional and affordable services to clients in the Lower Mainland area. Today, our mission continues to focus on providing low cost, reliable voice and data services that connects everyday people with their family and friends.





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Truly Unlimited Data

Get the results you deserve with quality service, and at an affordable price. 

Every job is treated with utmost care and our professionals set our services apart from the rest of the industry with our attention to detail and customization unique to the needs of each client.

Quality VoIP Phone Service

Looking for professionals who are willing to customize phone systems for your business? 

Want your phones in the office setup exactly the way you want them to behave?

Let us know. We have confidence in our skills to tackle just about every type of job you throw at us

Reasonable Price 

Perfect Quality

Switch to our Super-affordable plans if you already have a phone!

You can experience the

Canada's No.1 5G Network.

Learn more about how you can stay connected in more places across Canada.

Best Long Distance Voice

We understand how important it is to feel connected and worry free when it comes to long distance calling.

Pro Omnis provide competitive long distance calling rates to over hundred countries and setting up our service is easier than ever.

Call overseas through your office, home, or cellular device from anywhere to anywhere.

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    Get Your Service Now!

When you're in need of a dependable Telecommunications Service, don’t hesitate. Contact PRO OMNIS TELECOM today!

219-4501 North Road (Room B), Burnaby BC V3N 4R7

TEL: 604 638 8777

FAX: 604 544 0466


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